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Wally Tax, Ronny Splinter, Appie Rammers, Tom Krabbendam, Leendert Busch, Frank Beek. Ladies and Gentlemen from Amsterdam, Holland .....THE OUTSIDERS!!!

I don't know one single fan of sixties garage / beat music who doesn't love the Outsiders. But despite being one of the best bands of their period and huge national following, they never achieved the international success they deserved and their records are very hard to find. This page is dedicated to all those people who love them but can't find any information about this incredible band.


10 April 2005 - In Memoriam

Today we mourn the untimely loss of Wally Tax (14th February 1948 - 10th April 2005).

Wally: I don't know if you fully realized to what extent your music was and is important to many of us. You will never be forgotten.

7 October 2002
Finally available! The collection every Outsiders' fan was waiting for: the complete singles in one single package! Courtesy of RPM records.

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