Sixtynine And The Continuous People

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Sixtynine And The Continuous PeopleI Can't Hear You (Anymore) b/w Shadows That Haunt Me
A Continuous People original on side A and a cover of an unreleased Television Personalities song (played only once live by Dan Treacy in 1988) on side AA.
7" 5.00
VV.AA.If I Could Write Poetry - A Tribute To Television Personalities
20 heartfelt rendition of TVPs classics as interpreted by Lovejoy, Nikki Sudden, Higher Elevations, Baskervilles, Thanes, Bartlebees, Mandervilles, Sixtynine & The Continuous People, Miniskirt, Paisley Shirts, Spiggott V Zane, Container Drivers, Woog Riots, No Men, Darrell Whitbeck, Nick Danger, Happy Couple, Void and Biff Bang Pow.
CD 9.00
VV.AA.Falling Uphill
International P!O!P! compilation featuring TV Personalities, Baskervilles, Bartlebees, and many others. Includes Sixtynine And The Continuous People's song "Sadness In Disguise".
CD 9.00
VV.AA.The Vegetable Man Project Vol. 1
Each volume of the Project includes 20 renditions of Syd Barrett's "Vegetable Man" as interpreted by bands from around the world. Our version is on Vol. 1. Weird stuff!
CD 9.00
VV.AA.The Vegetable Man Project Vol. 1 + 2 (Special Bundle Offer)
If you think that 20 versions of "Vegetable Man" are not enough, you can get 20 more at a special bundle price!
2xCD 15.00